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by Fernando
30 Apr 2020, 13:09
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Re-launch?
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Re: Re-launch?

ertidog wrote:
30 Apr 2020, 05:33
really though i think the focus should be making sure there are legal factions with funding ready on launch day. News factions, nightclubs, etc, that way people actually have an option to earn money in the way that you guys are trying to incentivize by making scripted payouts so low.
by Fernando
27 Apr 2020, 20:15
Forum: Changelog
Topic: Another week, another update - v1.0.2 is live!
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Re: Another week, another update - v1.0.2 is live!

Ayyyyy, glad things are getting better!
Up up we go
by Fernando
27 Apr 2020, 12:16
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: [MTA] Display IC time inside vehicles
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[MTA] Display IC time inside vehicles

Suggestion for (MTA/Forum/Website): MTA Detailed description of suggestion: Display the current time next to the speedometer Why should this be added?: Cars have had clocks in them to tell the time since the early 1900s Pros and cons of suggestion: Pros: A very easy way to tell time. Considering th...
by Fernando
27 Apr 2020, 00:40
Forum: Companies
Topic: Bowtell Petroleum
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Re: Bowtell Petroleum

Sherry wrote:
26 Apr 2020, 23:42
We'll be up and running soon! Just waiting on a few things before we get started and we'll be on our way. SoonTM.
Best of luck man. You got this!
by Fernando
26 Apr 2020, 14:46
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Reduce talking distance
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Re: Reduce talking distance

We can't do this without hard-coding the color for the IC chat - since everyone can change it in F1, it'll mix blue to purple on a distance and might confuse you with another message. We could, however, reduce the distance for the local chats. If that's something you want? That's a huge downside. I...
by Fernando
26 Apr 2020, 14:15
Forum: News & Information
Topic: Status Update - End of April
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Re: Status Update - End of April

Thank you for everything that you've done @Blast3r @Tosfera and the superb administration team :D
These status updates are great to keep the community informed. I look forward to the next one!

le's go guys keep it up (:
by Fernando
26 Apr 2020, 00:05
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: [MTA] Seatbelt alarm
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Re: [MTA] Seatbelt alarm

Oh God this is one hell of an annoying sound :D
by Fernando
25 Apr 2020, 21:23
Forum: Accepted Suggestions
Topic: Add Strobes to PoliceSF
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Re: Add Strobes to PoliceSF

I feel like because the Police SF model is an exact copy of the Police LS it could be replaced with a different unique model.
by Fernando
25 Apr 2020, 19:36
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: [MTA] Phone call command
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Re: [MTA] Phone call command

Pleaaase this and an /sms [number] [message] command are the most useful commands one can have!

I also suggest adding /sendlocation [phone number] that would send your location to another person's minimal. They can then use /removelocation to take it off their map
by Fernando
25 Apr 2020, 16:11
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Animations Megathread
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Re: Animations Megathread

Hands behind back (with visible cuffs)
Also prevent player from jumping walls etc