Realistic dropeed objects counterparts

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Realistic dropeed objects counterparts

Post by rickyfrombosnia »

Suggestion for (MTA/Forum/Website):MTA

Detailed description of suggestion:Make so when you drop items,that item is actually displayed not a big box. If thats not possible for some items,like pens notebooks etc,use smaller boxes,not the big ones. It definetly looks weird to see a watch in a box that could fit 50 of those same watches.

Why should this be added?:It would look more realistic

Pros and cons of suggestion: + Looks more realistic. - Some items would be harder to pick up,but that doesent seem like a big issue.

Anything else you'd like to add?: No

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Post by Fernando »

Yea just some items need ajusting for now
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Post by Tosfera »

Let me know which item should be which object and I can get on it - it's quite a task to go through 300 items to find their actual models.

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