[MTA] More gas stations

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[MTA] More gas stations

Post by Master After »

Suggestion for (MTA/Forum/Website): MTA

Detailed description of suggestion: Like the title suggests add more functional gas stations like the ones in Vinewood and Idlewood in the future. I know role play is currently focused and centered around Los Santos area but it would be nice to have some gas stations scattered around the country side, for example on the 89th (infrastructure already exists in some form there).

Why should this be added?: Once the trucker (18 wheeler) job is available drivers travelling long distances will need to refuel their vehicles during their trips with cargo. It could also allow to fuel up your car outside of the main city. Let's say you're wanted and don't want to enter the main city but need gas - voilà.

Pros and cons of suggestion: Pros: Makes the map come to life, allows for more diversity in choosing where to fuel your car.
Cons: N/A

Anything else you'd like to add?: Possible location on the 89th outside of the Los Santos toll-gates
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Post by Fernando »

I support this. And since you mention it, I also strongly support an trucking with 18-wheelers! I hope it becomes a thing on the server.
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Post by Tosfera »

We haven't added in more gas stations to avoid people from flying all over San Andreas and make the server feel extremely empty. We've had 80 people at launch, which allowed us to add more gas stations. Since we barely hit 10 afterwards, this would've been a waste. The gas stations have to be filled up by players, we got an official faction for this which we are going to be accepting, which provides more RP. If they can keep the stations filled up and the players can keep the stations empty (so there is some actual RP going on), we can slowly add more stations based on the active locations on the map.

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