[MTA] Seatbelt alarm

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[MTA] Seatbelt alarm

Post by Bidrift »

Suggestion for (MTA/Forum/Website):

Detailed description of suggestion: A sound reminder (repetetive) of wearing the seatbelt of one of the passengers on a vehicle are not wearing it for atleast 20 beeps then goes off.

Why should this be added?: Most vehicles now in real life have a seatbelt annoying reminder, atleast that's the case with 20s vehicles. However ingame with the small icons it's really hard to remember wearing a seatbelt.

Pros and cons of suggestion:^

Anything else you'd like to add?: No

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Post by Fernando »

Oh God this is one hell of an annoying sound :D
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Post by Vorras »

Annoying but realistic. +1

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Post by Tosfera »

Some people actually prefer driving without a belt, "cuz I'm a gangsta nibba". Also, not every vehicle has this option. We could implement it but I feel like only adding it in newer models by default and as a special upgrade from the mechanic workshop for the older ones. So you don't have a car from 1950 with the annoying beeping which would make it unrealistic imho. Not sure what kind of extra value the "no seatbelt"-icon would give you. Might be mistaken for actually wearing a seatbelt.

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Post by Israel »

I agree with this, but you should be able to have the option to disable the alarm with a command. And if you chose to disable it, then it should save as disabled unless re enabled.
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