[MTA] Mailboxes

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[MTA] Mailboxes

Post by Vorras »

Suggestion for (MTA/Forum/Website): MTA

Detailed description of suggestion: The whole concept is about creating mailboxes for each player owned property. This could work via right clicking on entrance arrow blips, showing you the "View mailbox" option. Mailboxes' capacity should be around 50kgs.

Why should this be added?: With this being added, Logistics companies are finally able to function properly, deliverying their orders right to the customers' addresses. This script can also assist a mailing service, which can deliver you bills, notices, newspapers, etc.

Pros and cons of suggestion: On the one hand, you get to kickstart the Logistics' companies. Gives a lot of potential for a whole load of other companies to accept and accomplish deliveries. Players now can mail eachother for multiple purposes. LS Court can invite people to the court for cases that they're involved in. On the other hand, I really can't see any disadvantages, except of people using their mailbox as storage space. But again, mailboxes can be hijacked RP'ly, which I think will make people refrain from using their mailboxes for such a purpose.

Anything else you'd like to add?: Nope.

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Post by Dino »

This is a great idea and I'm all for it. I'm not sure how hard it would be to implement this tho, but I feel this is all pros.

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Post by R4cc00n »

That's a feature we would need for sure. Possibly named Mailbox or then something that's sort of for storaging stuff. However, +1 from me.

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