[MTA] NPC Taxi calls and advertisements.

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[MTA] NPC Taxi calls and advertisements.

Post by Vorras »

In order to always have available cabs, I suggest that taxi drivers should also receive calls from NPCs to get them from point A to B. One call per 3-5 minutes would be good, I guess. In addition, I suggest that whenever a taxi driver is on duty, an advertisement should pop out every 10-15 minutes indicating the taxi's availability and mentioning the taxi hotline phone number.

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Post by Fernando »

I've seen this on another server ;) And honestly it can work pretty well. +1
The other scripted jobs don't force you to rely on players, so why not give Taxi drivers some NPC action as well?
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Post by Master After »

"No pain, no gain"

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Post by Tosfera »

Mixed feelings, peds can't RP back which makes it a tricky thing. also, we would have to limit the price you can get from 1 NPC since it can be easily abused. Need to add in events that the NPC won't pay, maybe get mad for the driving style, if it takes too long he should get out - I like the idea but it requires a buttload of trial and error to get it right. Will have to postpone this for now.

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