Real State system and houses

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Real State system and houses

Post by Dino »

Suggestion for (MTA/Forum/Website): MTA

Detailed description of suggestion: Okay what I'm gonna explain here is something really fresh to me and popped into my head high on a trip :D
So it's basically a faction, which will be in charge of real state through the whole city. So this can perform in several ways. What will they do? Well several things. Every house purchase should go through them. They can RP building sites and workers for houses and complexes that are not yet ready and when they RP the construction, they can make deals for the houses, etc. I know you guys said there is a house system coming but I had to share this. They would also be able to create houses if possible IG, which would definitely take some IG time and also OOC ruling and they can sell them later.

I also had another thing in mind, which is to actually give a house voucher to everyone in the first month of the server's launch. It's hard for everyone to RP homeless and new to Los Santos and I think everyone who wants to RP is entitled to a small house. This can and should be a voucher for a small house but not only one in Liverpool. There are countless houses and complexes in LS and I believe it won't cause any harm to the economy anyways. (Houses bought by a voucher cannot be sold for money as well.)

Why should this be added?: Because we are RPing people in LS and if you are RPing a 45 year old living there, it would be weird not to have a house.

Pros and cons of suggestion: Already mentioned everything.

Anything else you'd like to add?: Dibs on Mad Dog mansion. jk :D

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Post by Tosfera »

You can already set up a real estate company, you just need the funding and people need to be willing to sell it through you. We can provide the scripts but it should be an official faction, unless it's being requested; this'll be a denied suggestion. I don't want 30 one-man-army real estate agencies running around the server.

The voucher is something we already discussed as Management as a possible thing for a new outbreak.