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Post by Dino »

Suggestion for (MTA/Forum/Website): MTA

Detailed description of suggestion: Another thing we had in SAMP before but I'm not sure if it's already implemented, if it is feel free to delete this. So a forensics systems would be great for police roleplay. This means, everybody should have a fingerprint, that they would leave on guns, shells and whatnot when not protected with gloves. The fingerprints then can be taken from someone and compared in the MDC police system or some forensic shit like that. Also, when fired guns should drop their shells on the place they were fired, and if shot or knifed, players' blood stains should be dropped on the ground which can either be cleared or later examined by forensic agents.

Why should this be added?: To create more police RP and a more strict environment to shoot or knife people.

Pros and cons of suggestion: It might take some time to develop and implement, if it's not implemented already.

Anything else you'd like to add?: There will be a lot of blood on the ground in Liverpool road. :lol:

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Post by Israel »

Yes yes yes.
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Post by Tosfera »

This feature is indeed planned for a later stage of the script - we basically have too much fundamental things to do before being able to implement this.

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