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custom nike

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Its gonna b crazy yo. custom nike And alot of them are gonna sit on da shelvesFri, 01 Feb 2013 07:05:06 0000 /?p=377590#comment-555502 on ebay they going for to much and other website are charging to much 2k and more . i just preorder my pair from sneakerslegit.bigcartel This a Legit sneaker website i just order a pair of ray allen 13 size 10 about two weeks ago they were shipped with in 4 days and 100% legit and it was dead stock just like they said. they use Paypal thats why i trusted them and shopped from there site i just want to share with everyone else . i believe they just started they are a group of sneaker heads but the best is that there price are not a force like Flight club ect.

i also pre order the Lebron croks from becuase they have them for cheaper price then other place do. i hope yo find this hopeful .Fri, 22 Feb myer nike 2013 00:02:35 0000 /?p=393761#comment-561092 Foreign Entity- No its people like you who make me laugh, your 9-5 is a joke dont talke ROI when the return based on effort is not worth the $ only to a lame or the desperate, and you have the nerve to poke your chest out "L7". There are nike auburn Many ways to make serious $ and reselling sneakers aint one of them, obviously or you wouldnt have to work a 9-5.

Tue, 05 Feb 2013 06:18:11 0000 /?p=387392#comment-556537 @Tunjiuana no they are not. Lebrons shoes have suffered since da 7s. Anda da fact dat he jus LETS Nike Do wateva they want wit shoe & put them at unbelievable prices is jus more reason to say his shoes are overrated. And if purchase dis shoe, ur a fool. These shoes will NOT last long & ur tellin Nike u will spend ANY amount for somethin hype & limited. OVERRATED.. I own corked AF1s & they dont last after nike myer 18 months & thats wit minimum use.

I'm not a big re-seller so i'm not defending it but it's very difficult to be a sneakerhead and to NEVER have either a. resold; or b. bought from a re-seller. It's really the FIRST person who chooses to pay the jacked up price that one bold E-bayer decides to price a shoe at& Once 1 or 2 sell at the absurd price, more sell, then all the other sellers follow suit and jack up their prices to at or near the same price. Simple business. Stop paying re-sellers the prices. How BAD do u need the sneaker NOW??? There will be a new shoe next Saturday, don't worry, rest easy.

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