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The Christian enablement list hat accessories is extended through the various movements of Christian Zionism. Taken together and with their influence on the politics of the enabling political entities, Christian enablement of Israel and disablement of Palestine may be the single greatest contributing factor to the dire situation that the Palestinians face today. So if the Palestinian Authority signs on the dotted peace process line, the culpability that disappears is hardly limited to Israel. Rather the release is multidimensional. Broadly speaking, it involves the entirety of the West. It also involves much of the Arab world who have postured for their own benefit and who have done little, if anything, for the Palestinian cause they call their own.

To refuse to rescue a person in need is universally understood to be unethical, even inhuman. Of course that rescue is refused everyday on the personal and, to be sure, on the communal level as well. How else to explain the unjust economic global economic order which is continually justified and tweaked, with soaring rhetoric that, nonetheless, reaches out but fails to reach a considerable segment of the global population? Even these disconcerting thoughts hat silks about the use of the Holocaust as a form of trivialized nostalgia serving as a cover for the crimes of Israel, Jews, Germans, Christians, and the West in general can these really encourage those in leadership and those they "serve" to turn the corner of complicity into active engagement on behalf of justice? Hammering home the sins of commission and omission jd hats without leaving out my own complicity as a Jew is hardly the soil from which national, political, congregational and seminary outreach is accomplished.

And if all is seen as corrupt, even and especially our confession and repentance, if all is hiding and the constant search for shelter from the storms of our history and desires, where is the place of turning? This raises another haunting question: Has my complicity as a Jew inadvertently confirmed the absolute fall that Luther preached so insistently and violently? Shall my end our end lead us to Luther, the sinfulness of everything under Luther's Two-Kingdom sun? The Biblical prophets are directly linked to God, though this connection is troubled and troubling. For after john lewis wedding hats God's initial call, the prophet is often left on his own. So, too, the prophet's mission to Israel is fraught. In the main, God already knows that God's call for repentance will largely go unheard.

That is, they have left the Jewish (and Christian) state of Israel "rescue" because of the initial and continuing injustice they and their state have done and are doing to the Palestinian people. After their return, these Jewish Israelis have chosen exile, what perhaps is to be the last exile in Jewish history. In their own minds at least, they have left Israel and, to boot, their Jewishness too, even as both are celebrated. Obviously, though, one cannot leave one's background. Regardless of their self-understanding, even in their leave-taking, they remain Israeli and Jewish. It is best to see these prophets as Still/Former Jewish/Israelis. These Still/Former Jewish/Israelis are a tough bunch.

They know what they have done. They know what Israel has done. These Still/Former Jewish/Israelis have been the Jewish boots on the ground. They have returned to the Promised Land, served in the military, done the dirty work of occupation and expansion and now refuse the rescue of their embracing religious and national ethos. This is because, unlike Jews who long to return to innocence, and their Christian counterparts who use Jews to return to their innocence, the Still/Former Jewish/Israelis know the score. Jewish and Christian Innocence is culpability. That culpability is endless. Is the "no rescue" Jewish prophetic, then, the last word on faith? After all, these Jewish prophets carry forward a tradition that, at least in its origins, is based on God's command.

Refusing a real two-state solution, Israel correctly jordan hat calculates that the American-European commitment to Israel is far more important to its history, politics and empire than Palestinians are or will be. No matter the pressure received, Israel knows the American-European coded language well. In the final analysis, the American-European alliance will not abandon Israel. Importantly, progressive Israelis who have occupied the German liberal sensibility lay blame on Israel's waywardness in the areas Germany knows well from its own history on right-wing politicians and their followers that have recently come to power in Israel. Thus the Israel-German Image historical parallel is drawn even if it is unannounced.

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Unfortunately this server isn't active anymore and as thought out as this suggestion is, it will probably never be implemented because there is no server to implement this into anymore.

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