Server Locking Down

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Server Locking Down

Post by Blast3r »

Evening! Well, as many of you are aware due to this thread we'll be locking the server down temporarily and will work on improving all aspects behind the closed doors until we believe we're ready to launch again.

How long will this take?

We're are really not sure but we believe that it'll should be ready sometime this summer. We've already made a list of things we want to do in terms of the script itself before we believe it's ready for a proper full launch. In addition to that we're still discussing other aspects that are related to current player assets, legal faction development, illegal factions getting re-dropped on relaunch and lots of other things. Once all of the discussions are settled and everything is ready for public we'll make sure to announce it through forum announcement posts so that everyone is more than aware of what's going on.

Beta Testers

As we already mentioned in the thread, we're going to open beta tester team's doors to the members for the first time ever. At this moment we're sending private messages to all the people that have proved to believe in this community and were also the most active ones as well. Once all those people are contacted and set with the team we might make a public application as well. We're trying to make the team as big as possible to ensure that most of the bugs are actually resolved before the public release happens once again.

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Post by Dino »

The good thing is, this is gonna be an actual script made from scratch by the shared ideas of a community. If you guys manage to do all that has already been discussed and implement new ideas as they get confirmed by the community, by the time the server launches again, it will be a dream for any roleplayer to be a part of this because it's actually made from their thoughts.

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Post by Israel »

Looking forward to new features, bug fixes and god knows what else the amazing coders here at AGRP will bring with the relaunch. LSPD is waiting, watchout for us Liverpool Rd 🤣
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