End of Life

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End of Life

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Good evening guys, before I procceed with writing this thread I just want to note to every one of you that this is probably one of the hardest decisions that Tosfera and I have had to make.

As of today we're more than sorry to say that Advanced Gaming Roleplay will no longer be a thing. Why? Well, honestly, there's been plenty of reasons and therefore we'll go through them in details.

History of AG:RP

First and most important thing to note is that this script is actually what started our community all the way back in October 2013 and honestly it's safe to say that we've gotten into something that was a lot more than we actually expected it to be. The main reason why we've started this project is because we wanted to provide the Roleplay community with something new after the death of valhalla Gaming, something that was not actually aimed at using their leaked codebase as well as something that will bring features that are immersive and somewhat "thinking out of the box" kind of thing (examples being DMV, Trucker job, Real Estate in Properties, etc.).

By May 2014 we've managed to release our first Alpha version of the script which was still a super early version and only available to people that have requested actual access to it and have had good history with Roleplay communities. During the alpha test we've gotten ourselves ddos'd in just 30 minutes of running the server and were forced to move to a new host which we're still using to this day. It's safe to say that the test itself has shown a decent amount of bugs but it was still expected and have shown us how to move forward from that point on.

Later on in 2015 we've finally managed to push out a public beta version that was to stay open for good, however, with the lack of features back then we were forced to close it once again and work on it even further and have even decided to move to Fort Carson which as proven to be a rather bad idea as it became repetitive too quickly due to all the limitations you have when trying to run a proper Roleplay community.

2016 was the last Beta version we released and it was filled with bugs, it never actually hit anything higher than 30 players and has been closed once we picked up the SAPD:FR Online project due to inability to focus on both projects at the time due to both Tosfera and myself adjusting to leaving school and getting ourselves new jobs and basically settling in with completely new lifestyles.

End of 2019, early 2020, the final period of AG:RP, the final attempt shall we say. We've accidentally stumbled upon the old login songs inside of dedicated server's files and have gotten a large hit of nostalgia and have decided to set up a private server just to browse around the scripts. After a short disucssion we've decided to give it another shot, possibly a final one and Tosfera has done an outstanding job rewriting many of the aspects on the script to make it more new user friendly (this aspect was way worse before the latest 1.0.0 version, trust me), filter out lots of bugs as well as improve overall quality of life in the scripts. Obviously, not all of the aspects were rewritten which still resulted in some features being rather clunky (i.e F3 faction system, property system, weapon system) and this has proven to be a lot bigger setback than we actually expected it to be once the server went live. In terms of actual bugs itself in the final release, there was a solid list of them but then again it was nowhere near as bad as we expected it to be and lots of them got solved rather quickly while a good portion of them stayed for full system rewrites.

The Launch

During the launch itself we managed to hit 85 players, a lot more than we actually expected and the playercount itself stayed at the 80-85 mark for a solid 3 hours before it started fading out slowly due to the night coming in. The script itself has proven to be stable if we ignore the obvious FPS drops which we've actually managed to resolve in the end but a good portion of features were lacking as well as our entire Management in the legal aspect was, quite honestly, terrible which failed to properly develop the Roleplay scene in the server.

A small portion of Illegal Roleplayers have also decided to make the first few days a full living hell for us as they've decided to escalate somethings before even managing to develop their factions and have obviously decided to immediately quit the server when things didn't go their way.

And, last but not least, most of the staff team itself has proven to be relatively ineffective as they didn't even seem to have any interest in actually working with us to fix the issues that occured but have decided to just leave the team immediately. With that said, we'd still like to give a major shoutout to R4cc00n, SonnyB as well as DonnieV as they were the only ones that have stayed by our side until the end and have been doing an outstanding job in actually putting proper input into the community.

Relaunch decision & why it's not working out for us

This is the "final resort" decision that lots of communities are forced to make, a decision that we personally weren't fond of doing either nor was a portion of staff team happy with either. This is the decision that the community has ended actually voting for and quite honestly a decision that we personally thought we could work with.

So, why is it not working out for us? Well, once we've took a bigger picture of the entire Roleplay scene and what we've had to deal with during launch we noticed that this is something that we just can't handle as it's completely time consuming and it's really hard to build a proper staff team that will actually back you up no matter what and work with you when things go south. The moment you have most of your staff team leaving is the moment all of the work falls onto the people that it shouldn't fall to, the Management which completely makes us lose our focus on the things we were supposed to. Thanks to this we were completely unable to give a proper focus onto both Scripting and Management side of things in which we were supposed to develop actual Roleplay aspect side of things, such as the Legal one which ended up lacking.

So, in the end, we are completely unable to cope with running a Roleplay community at this moment as it is way too time consuming with absolutely no reward other than the "do this, do that, when this" comments from the playerbase, honestly, throught the week we were running we can say that only about 20% of the people have actually shown proper appreciation for all the years of hard work that were thrown into this community while the rest just kept pushing rather than acting nicely for us to add specific features which we're more than aware were needed but obviously also needed time to actually make.

Last but not least, a special shoutout

We would like to give a massive thanks to everyone that supported us during the release and launch and would like to give a few people a special shoutout:

WolfSchultz - Lots of amazing mapping creations for the server
SonnyB - Full dedication to the team and trying to make this work, completely brought LSPD back to it's feet alongside DonnieV once Dexter decided to leave without a proper previous notice on the reason
DonnieV - Full dedication to the team, brought LSPD back to it's feet alongisde SonnyB
Dexter - Dedicated lots of hours into the LSPD forum website set up prior to the server's release as well as brought in a good amount of people into the server and the faction
R4c00n - An outstanding amount of bug testing completed prior to the launch, lots of bugs reported & squashed thanks to him. In addition to that, lots of contributions to illegal FMT as well as suggestions on how to improve the server
Alyss aka BigPP - Highest playtime count in the server, done a great job as our little test pig
Andrew03 - LSFD leadership, started rather slow in the beginning but has managed to bring it up to it's feet near the end of life for the server, great dedication shown
Sherry - Greatly supported the LSPD leaders as well as made great attempts into starting a highly unique Legal Faction
Dino - A highly unique idea with the union faction brought into the server and lots of Roleplay scenes created thanks to the Bar management
ertidog - Amazing development in the illegal scene with lots of great Roleplay created even though we were only up for a week
Munhausen - Same as above with the Chinese organisation
Under - Tuning when?
Beta Testers - There's just too many of you to list in here, thank you for all the hours you dedicated into beta testing the server and reporting all the bugs you managed to find
Liverpool Bounty Hunters Faction - Amazing Roleplay created in the illegal scene, it's safe to say that you completely changed Ganton
And everyone else that gave us full support - We've failed you, we know, we're sorry for that. But thank you for all the support you've given us!

Future of MTA Roleplay scene

This is the question that a lot of people are asking, does MTA Roleplay scene have a future? Well, honestly, we still strongly believe it does it just needs the right people in the Management to handle it as well as needs to bring something completely new to the table. We really hope that someone does manage to do so but also understand that not a lot of people are actually interested in investing as much time into something that could end up being a brick wall like it was for us, but if someone does start something up that's actually made from scratch and is unique then please guys, give them your full support and try to make it easy on them when it comes to actual issues with the scripts as they will eventually be resolved if enough dedication is shown.

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Post by Noble »

Well... I was loving the server. I am sad to see this happening, I really am. There are no good RP servers in MTA these days. You were the only ones. Stay strong folks!


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