Racing teams wanted! LS OPEX Racing Org.

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Racing teams wanted! LS OPEX Racing Org.

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Los Santos OPEX Racing Organization is looking for Racing teams!

Hi there! Are you looking to form a racing team to partake in races organized by LS OPEX? You've come to the right place then!

LS OPEX offers a custom vehicle for your team that you can use in races.
Vehicles you can choose for your team:
-Subaru Impreza WRC qualified
-Citroen C3 WRC qualified
-Mitsubishi Lancer WRC qualified

The costs for partaking in OPEX:
-500$ sign-up fee: this gives you rights to partake in competitions and to use OPEX exclusive vehicles.
-150$ entry fee for individual races: this is the fee your team must pay to enter each race, however the first race organized by OPEX will be entry fee free.
-200$ entry fee for championship races: this is the fee your team must pay to enter a championship race.
-300$ OPEX sided towing for vehicles, as the purpose built race cars are not road legal.
-100$ weekly pay to OPEX - this is to keep your team qualified to partake in OPEX competitions

Any donations made to OPEX will not come with any additional privileges, but will aid OPEX in organizing these races and supplying the teams with prizes should they win.

Fines for breaking rules:
-500$ + 30 second stop penalty for wide track cutting - this means going off of the track unnecessarily wide in order to shorten your time or to gain an advantage over others.
-1000$ + disqualification for purposefully hitting other races - racing is a non-contact sport, accidents that are actual accidents won't carry any penalties, however if your driver is deliberately hitting other cars, then you will be fined and disqualified from that race.
-1000$ + disqualification for vandalizing other vehicles before or after a race.
-15 second penalty for overtaking during yellow flag - yellow flag means that overtaking is forbidden due to an incident on the track.
-100$ penalty for continuing to drive during red flag - red flag means that the race is shut down due to a major incident on the track, continuing to drive in these conditions is dangerous and against the rules.

Team requirements for partaking in OPEX:
-A vehicle (provided by OPEX)
-Maintanance of said vehicle from the team
-A capable driver with willingness to partake in dangerous racing activities
-Full payment of all required fees to OPEX upon sign-up and race entry
-Full compliance with the rules
-Clean and honorable racing

Want to join OPEX as a racing team?
Text 555-555-701 with your details:
-Manager name, driver name
-Team name and team color

OPEX management will set up a meeting at OPEX Offices for your team to come in order for us to finalize the contract.

Hope to see you on the track!
-OPEX Management

((Prizes are listed on the first forum post for OPEX and are subject to change if deemed necessary))
Have a nice day.


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