Illegal Roleplay Rules

Server & forum rules that should be followed at all times so please make sure to read them carefully.
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Illegal Roleplay Rules

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Illegal Roleplay Rules

After countless hours and lots and lots of discussions between not only staff members, but community members as well with experience in the illegal roleplay field, we have finally created a sheet that explains the fundamentals of how illegal roleplay is going to work. The main thing to keep in mind here is the fact, that illegal roleplay and boundaries within illegal roleplay are very different in this community compared to what a vast majority of roleplayers are used to, since we took on a completely different approach not only on the economy, but the illegal roleplay world in general.

Taxi Driver Robbery

Since majority of the taxi drivers, that are hired by the government (default script job), are most likely new to the server, we want to make sure they get a fair start and have decided to disallow robberies on players that work a default taxi job, since they start with barely any money on their character and their salary is not ideal, exactly because of a default scripted job.
Keep in mind, that this specific rule is not applicable to taxi drivers that are hired by a private company (faction). The reason for this is, because taxi drivers that work in a player made faction/company, earn a lot more than those who work the default scripted taxi driver job. We put this rule in place, because it allows for much more freedom in the player-to-player interaction department.
This will prevent the very common issue we know in other communities, where a taxi driver practically gets robbed every minute.

What you have on you is on you

What you have on your character, IS on your character. This means that there is no such thing as "no, uh, my money is actually in my car, I roleplayed it earlier" - this is very simple, but we have seen it everywhere. People roleplaying that they put their gun or money in their car, but just forgot to take it out of the inventory, or just did not bother, because it is too time consuming to go back and get it, if it was physically put in the car. There are countless of ways to store your gun, money and items, use them. Have too much money on your character? Utilize the bank system.
It is very simple and should be followed at all times, just like any other rule.

Bank asset robbery

10% of the player's assets can be robbed from the bank itself, if the owner agrees to an ATM card robbery. We do not feel the reason to put a money limit on how much can be stolen, for instance, $5.000. The reason behind this is, we want players to actually feel there is a risk, if you keep a lot of your money on your character, just like in real life. We want to avoid the "take the money, I don't care" mentality, where someone continues on with their life like nothing happened, because the robbery did not damage them them the slightest, exactly because of a robbery amount limit. This will ensure that the people are a lot more cautious with their money and would rather utilize other methods of storing and will allow illegal roleplayers a possible high risk high reward scenario.

Delivery Driver Robbery

If you wish to rob a delivery driver, the only assets you are allowed to rob, are the assets that are within the truck itself.
Each delivery that the players are making are unique in their own sense. All the trucks are equipped with real items, meaning, if you manage to catch a delivery driver off guard and manage to break into the truck and steal some of the boxes, you can take those same boxes out of the truck and re-sell them. This gives a whole new narrative to delivery driver robberies, where you can literally take out a box (which contains items) from the truck following a robbery and sell it.
The only restriction to this rule is the fact that the robbery has to be done in a somewhat discrete area.

Item Robbery

Important items such as phones, ATM cards, keys, property keys, driver's license, ID can be robbed if consent is given.
If consent is given in regards to the ATM cards, 10% of the player's bank assets can be robbed.
Players will also have the ability to passively roleplay ATM card transfers for online things (for instance, PayPal).
Players can be robbed if they have atleast 5 hours on the character. This is also where the frisking comes in play. Everyone can /frisk eachother, the only restriction is the fact that the player on the receiving end has to accept the frisk request for it to go through, which is usually done after a roleplay scenario, where a frisk or search was needed.


Scamming is allowed and as much as we discourage the idea of adding a money limit to things, we have decided it will be in everyone's interest to add a scamming limit, since we do not want people getting scammed off very large amounts, since it is simply not fair.
You can scam for a total of $20.000 in either money or asset value for legal things, however, on the illegal side, there is no such thing as a scam limit (guns, drugs, etc.). You have to trust the person you are buying illegal stuff from.

Police Officer / Medic Robbery

Police Officers and Medics can be robbed with the exception of medics at the current time, since a proper medic system is yet to be implemented, however, it is extremely important to remember that it is only allowed in the heat of the moment. Which means, that if you were in a pursuit for instance, and you disable a single officer, you have the ability to quickly grab the items and make an escape for it - you can not go around, specifically targeting police officers or medics - it can only be done in the heat of the moment.
It is important to note that the only way to individually target police officers if you wish to rob them (not in the heat of the moment), is to get permission from an administrator, but that requires an extremely valid reason. It is possible, but not likely.
It is important to remember, that items from police officer and medic robberies are protected within the script and requires an administrator - this is something the robber should have in mind, should he decide he wish to rob the officer, since the robber could potentially lose time, due to the waiting of the administrator.
If no administrator permission was given prior to the robbery of the officer's items and that same officer is kidnapped, then the player can not steal the officer's items.

Vehicle Thefts

In order to steal a vehicle, your character must atleast have 5 hours playtime and the reason for stealing a vehicle has to be valid. You will also need administrator permission, so the administrator can overlook the situation and once the roleplaying is done, unlock the vehicle.
A division will be created and set up internally, who specializes in vehicles. That division will handle vehicle related situations, since the administrators within that division usually have a background in vehicles and know how they work.

Vehicle Plate Thefts

In order to steal a vehicle's plate, administrator supervision is required and the reason for stealing said plate needs to be valid. You must have 5 hours playtime on your character before you can steal a vehicle plate. This is exluded from government vehicles, since it is not allowed to steal government vehicle plates.
There is a 72 hour cooldown for each vehicle that had it's plates stolen, which means you can not steal a vehicle's plate, if someone else already did within a 72 hour time frame. The 72 hours have to pass.

Chop shops

Chop shops are limited to chop shop illegal organisations and a player can take 1 part off a vehicle per day, so the police has a chance to find it. Logs of the roleplay in relation to the removal of parts has to be sent to the Faction Management Team.
Once all the car's parts are taken off and chopped, an administrator will give a part of the car's value to the person that chopped it.
In future, after the 1.0.0 release, there may or may not be a system implemented that allows players to take, for instance, a trunk off a vehicle and further sell it to a mechanic at a lower price point.

Passive Roleplay

Narcotics that are under the hard-drug category can only be made through a factory.
The creation of drugs has to be done via extremely well detailed roleplay, which is then forwarded to the Illegal Faction Management Team. Once forwarded, the Illegal FMT will decide whether or not the RP is sufficient enough and from there take the decision on whether or not they should give the player(s) the drugs.
In regards to gun distribution and drug distribution in very large masses, an OOC special character is made by the Illegal FMT, who will act as a temporary character and make deals go through for huge masses of drugs and weapons. The OOC character will be temporary and will only be deployed when necessary. Keep in mind the roleplay with the character has to be extremely well defined and it will be very closely monitored by the Illegal FMT to ensure balance between gun and drug distribution.

House burglaries

In order to perform house burglaries, you have to have atleast 5 hours on your character. The duration of the roleplay involving the house burglary has to be supervised by an administrator. If the owner of a house is offline, but disconnected away from the house, a burglary can be attempted. If the owner disconnected while inside his house, a burglary can not be attempted - this can all be checked by the administrator supervising the situation.
Once you gain entry to a house following a burglary, everything in the house inventory can be stolen. If however, there are no items inside the house inventory, but the house has a garage with a vehicle inside, that vehicle can be stolen.
House burglaries performed at night have a lesser chance of PD being contacted, although it does not completely eliminate the risk of PD being contacted.

Drugs Outbreak

The outbreak of drugs will be closely monitored and distributed on a monitored basis, as well as kept in balance to ensure nothing goes overboard with sudden surges of massive drug smuggling into the city. We do not wish for drugs to be at every corner of the street, which is why the Illegal FMT will keep a close eye on the development and take decisions based off their experience and what they think will be best for the illegal scene.

Weapons Outbreak

Same with the drugs outbreak, the weapons will also be monitored very closely, as we wish for it to be as realistic as possible without guns flooding every street. This will also be a task of the Illegal FMT, as they are experienced in this sort of area and will balance and limit/distribute guns how they see fit. The balance between drugs and weapons is something we are putting a lot of focus on.

Illegal Organisations

Every member in the server will have access to the F4 menu (illegal faction menu) and can create a faction if it reaches certain requirements. The person creating the faction has to have 20 hours on the character or 100 hours on the account. If the illegal organisation wishes to be official, they have to contact the Illegal FMT, which will, based off activity levels and roleplay quality, determine whether or not the faction is deemed fit for an official status. The biggest perk of the illegal status is the fact that the official illegal organisations have the ability to go through a weapon and drug outbreak, if the faction is purely drug or weapon smuggling only.

Organisation Wars

The Illegal FMT has to be aware that the organisation is in an organisation war - they have to be contacted so they know. If characters involved in the organisation wars die during the war, the characters will be character killed (CK'ed) and can only return with a different character once the war is over.