v1.0.1 changelogs - new items, FPS optimizations, bugfixes and more juicy things!

Server's script updates each seperated into it's own topic.
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v1.0.1 changelogs - new items, FPS optimizations, bugfixes and more juicy things!

Post by Tosfera »

v1.0.1 changelogs

We've been working hard on a new update which turned out to be a bit bigger than we anticipated. Hence why we've made a post about it, this'll happen more often from now on. A huge thing we've done is updating the way how we send data to each and every client, this might cause for some weird issues like things not being deleted properly (chat bubbles) or some feedback things - if you find any of these, report them as soon as you can with a @tosfera ping in discord.

  • added a new logo to the Los Santos Disposal Services vehicles.
  • Los Santos Disposal Services received functional gates, no more teleporting around.
  • Generic items. you asked, we delivered. Admins can now create generic items to increase your RP experience.
  • We've removed several non-functional bins from around the city
  • Several skins have been allowed to be equipped for asians, black and white male as well as females.
  • Showing more data for admins about a vehicle to increase their knowledge about them on a first glance
  • Admins can now teleport to the Los Santos Disposal Services
  • Whenever a driver disconnects due to a crash, their vehicle will be locked, handbraked and occupants will be removed from it.
  • New alias for changing your walkstyle (/setwalk, /setwalkstyle, /setwalkingstyle, /walkingstyle, /walkstyle)
  • DMV Disco? The indicators, lights, doors and basically the entire vehicle gets repaired and set back to default after finishing your DMV test. No more flickering lights and radios as a disco at the DMV
  • We've implemented a basic and an experimental helmet and mask system where you can't see who the person is through PMs, chats or what so ever. Found a mistake? let us know!
  • Trunks can no longer be operated and/or looked into when the vehicle is locked. This is a desync in MTA itself and we decided that this would be the best option to resolve that.
  • You're now unable to even start to enter a vehicle when they're locked, this due to the fact that MTA currently has a desync in doors
  • Passengers are hereby able to open the doors of a vehicle if they have the key to the vehicle
  • You're now able to see what time you have left to serve in jail by using the command /timeleft (or /pdjail, /jailtime) while being in a jail
  • sanity checks to try and avoid having more than 1 money item stack
  • Increased cigarettes smoking time from 30 seconds to 5 minutes
  • Disabled cruise control when the engine of your vehicle is turned off
  • Blocking most of the chats when you're not logged in
  • Resolved the walkie talkie sound being triggered for everyone even though you had no walkie talkie
  • The new taxrates are now properly shown in /payday
  • Resolved walkie talkie, cigs, notes and badges losing their data upon a system restart
  • Dropping and trading weapons will hereby remove them from your hands
  • Closing a right-click menu now properly closes when you click outside of it, no more glitching UIs
  • The default GTA f11 map shouldn't interfere with your actual map anymore
  • Resolved randomly dissapearing world objects (bins, radios, etc)
  • Increased the distance check for opening a door of the bus with a right-click menu
  • Resolved police jail timers not correctly being restarted upon reconnecting
  • Resolved /w(hisper) showing your own name instead of the person you're whispering to
  • People on the login screen or in the character screen won't receive the payday notification anymore
  • Resolved double interiors (or triple sometimes) being rendered as a name in the same spot
This is all for today, once we've made a few more changes we'll post a reply to this topic - if it isn't an entire new update.

Keep on roleplaying!

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Post by Sherry »

Good update, onwards and upwards from here.

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Post by Dino »

Great work!

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Post by Sonny »

Good job, especially on the mask/helmet. We needed that.

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Post by Fernando »

good stuff :)
ima keep being active on bugtracker
let's get iiitttt
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Post by Wild9645 »

Really good TJ! <3

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James Wiese
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Post by James Wiese »

With the carried away vans sometimes the turn signals do not work properly. Sometimes the blinker sound doesn't go away even if you turn it off.

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Post by Blast3r »

James Wiese wrote:
22 Apr 2020, 20:02
With the carried away vans sometimes the turn signals do not work properly. Sometimes the blinker sound doesn't go away even if you turn it off.
That means that the blinker on the vehicle is probably broken and therefore not visible, also the reason why you hear the blinking sound as it's on but not blinking.

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