Another week, another update - v1.0.2 is live!

Server's script updates each seperated into it's own topic.
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Another week, another update - v1.0.2 is live!

Post by Tosfera »

v1.0.2 changelogs

This week's update brings a lot less changes compared to last weeks list, this doesn't mean we did less work though! ;)
  • Addes a lot more animations, Thanks to Fernando for the list!
  • Updated the default walkstyle for males to 118 instead of muscled CJ (56)
  • Resolved gates opening when you punch them
  • Backseat passengers can no longer turn sirens and strobes on
  • Added a new radio station (Goodman FM) to vehicles as well as radios
  • If you hit a vehicle that has an alarm, the alarm will be triggered.
  • Completely new chat bubbles and name renders - in preparation for the icons of low hp, vests, etc!
  • Allowed 50+ items to be used by a single left click In the inventory
  • Phones will now always have the hotlines in their contact lists by default
  • Added coke as a drug
  • Added the mapping for the Glen Park Bar
  • Renamed station to stop in the bus' route render
  • If you sell a store to someone, the actual property as well as the store will now be sold in one go
  • Removed several non-working radio stations from the radio as well as vehicles
  • Added the amount of drugs to the sealed boxes
  • WIP script to stand on the back of a trashmaster
  • Potential fix for the cruise control shutting off randomly
  • Cruise Control now gets disabled when your engine shuts off
  • Fixed the siren instance creating two sounds at once which caused the "BASS" errors as well as possibly permanent sound elements being stuck in the server
  • Vehicle alarms and unlocking your vehicle will now play the sound again
  • Once a player enters a vehicle which is locked (door desynced) will now be thrown out of it.
  • Several technical optimizations to the DMV system
  • Resolved bank interests not being properly given out
  • Blocked handbrake / light / engine / lock switches from outside a vehicle
  • Resolved leading zeros and decimals not working in the tuneradio command
  • Inviting someone to your faction resets the player's job so they always get paid.
  • The radio chat will now be colored correctly to the colors given in f1
  • Removed invisible walls and the actual walls in some mapping in east los santos
  • Few tweaks in the radio system of a vehicle - they should work a lot better now!
  • Resolved missing skin IDs in the binco item description
  • Spawning an item as an admin will hereby not double the description anymore
  • The UI system will no longer freeze when opening it for the first time (hopefully)
  • Resolved drugs being deleted when dropped
  • Possible fix for clothes dissapearing when toggling your duty as a member of the LSPD
  • Resolved an error in the company system where an admin's name would change once they used the changeplayername command on someone else
  • General error catching to the saving of items
  • Resolving an exploit in the trucker job with delivering to locked interiors
  • Added several new skins for asians
  • Server provided vehicles will no longer lock once the driver disconnects (CaD, taxi, busses)
As always, keep on roleplaying and report any bug you find on our bugtracker!

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Post by Fernando »

Ayyyyy, glad things are getting better!
Up up we go
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Post by Master After »

"No pain, no gain"

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Post by Sonny »

Keep the effort up.

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Post by Dino »

Nice job.

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Post by Noble »

I am new here and I am loving the Server.

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